Prime Mortgage Lending rebranding to GoPrime Mortgage

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Prime Mortgage Lending, a North Carolina-based mortgage company that is licensed in 30 states, will soon go by a new name.

The company announced Thursday that it is rebranding and will adopt the name GoPrime Mortgage on June 1, 2019.

“Dedicated to local lending, GoPrime goes above and beyond in every single interaction, and our new name simply emphasizes our agility and dedication to going the extra mile in terms of service and accountability,” GoPrime Mortgage President John Rodgers said.

The company specializes in residential mortgages, including conventional loans, along with other government-backed loans as well.

The company did not provide a reason for its name change, but did say that it plans to continue expanding.

“GoPrime Mortgage has always been focused on steady, manageable growth and meeting the needs of customers in the communities we serve,” said Kevin Neely, east coast sales manager. “We look forward to continuing that growth while helping each homeowner we encounter to achieve their goals.”

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