Freddie Mac Finds ‘Solid Demand’ for Five-Year Ref Notes

There was “very solid demand” for Freddie Mac’s $6.5 billion five-year Reference Notes security Friday, according to a Freddie Mac spokesman, who told this publication it was distributed in line with what the GSE has seen on other recent Reference Note deals.

Investor regions broke down as follows: 68%, United States; 14%, Asia; 1%, Europe; and 17% in other regions.

Investor type distribution was 51%, investment managers; 32%, central banks; 10%, insurance/pension; 4%, other government; and 3%, other.

A syndicate of dealers headed by J.P. Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. and Credit Suisse offered the security.

The issue (CUSIP 3137EADC0) was priced at 99.525 to yield 1.096%, or 32.5 basis points more than five-year U.S. Treasury Notes. It is slated to settle Monday.

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