Bayview Partners with MortgageKeeper to Assist Distressed Homeowners


Bayview Loan Servicing LLC is expanding customer assistance services through a partnership with MortgageKeeper Referral Services that adds financial counseling to the menu.

The same as other industry peers the servicer has entered into an agreement that enables Bayview customers to access 20 assistance service categories and community support resources available on the MortgageKeepers website.

Bayview customers will be able to use the MKDirect platform to receive a list of local, qualified nonprofits and government agencies that are licensed to offer personal finance counseling.

MKDirect users can conduct ZIP-code-based searches for employment, food or financial assistance in their community.

According to the president of MortgageKeeper, Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, the platform offers more than 7,000 resources that can help solve pressing financial needs, better manage monthly expenses and ensure they pay their mortgage payments on time.

Among others, notes Bayviews SVP of asset management, Scott Rodeman, MKDirect facilitates constant access to local agencies, which is crucial in helping borrowers with financial and personal needs so those struggling with loan modifications can keep up to date with payments.

MortgageKeeper powers an average of 3,000 referrals a day. The Downers Grove, Ill.-based company specializes in connecting consumers to best-in-class local resources and serving as intermediary between servicers and housing counseling agencies.

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