Brooklyn Law Firm Connects Homeowners with Paralegals


Litvin Law Firm PC, Brooklyn, N.Y., has ventured a unique yet quite simple approach to foreclosure risk analytics.

In an ongoing effort to be “a different kind of law firm,” executives said, the firm is equipping each of its professional foreclosure defense paralegals with company-issued cell phones.

Clients receive an email with the phone numbers they can call. Direct access enables clients to call the legal team at any time, Litvin said.

The staff has been instructed to encourage clients to call when convenient including evenings and weekends so questions or concerns are immediately addressed.

Other measures taken to differentiate Litvin from other foreclosure defense competitors include the fee structure and their initial consultation.

Litvin does not charge upfront retainer fees.

Litvin provides foreclosure defense programs in 31 states. It offers services both judicial and nonjudicial foreclosure counseling.

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