CBCInnovis announces partnership with Floify

CBCInnovis, a provider of credit and data verification, recently announced it will utilize Floify’s point-of-sale technology to facilitate the processing of its credit reports.

“The credit reporting integration we developed hand-in-hand with CBCInnovis has created a comprehensive, seamless loan process for our mutual customers by helping to efficiently facilitate the processing of CBCInnovis credit reports,” Floify CEO Dave Sims said in a statement.

“We are excited to work with CBCInnovis to continue our efforts to centralize mortgage document collection in a single system, which improves the efficiency and experience of the home buying process for both lenders and borrowers,” Sims added.

Upon submission of a loan application, CBCInnovis customers will be able to automatically collect a borrower’s single, dual or tri-merge credit report using data from all three of the nationwide consumer reporting agencies, according to a release.

The company says that the availability of this data will enable lenders to better determine the likelihood of a borrower fulfilling the terms of their loan.

“CBCInnovis is excited to announce our integration with Floify,” CBCInnovis Senior Vice President Ken Viviano said. “We strive to align ourselves with technologies that streamline lender workflows and increase efficiencies; this new integration with Floify is a step toward that important goal.”

CBCInnovis isn’t the only company utilizing Floify’s solutions.

Earlier this week, Floify announced a partnership with AFR Wholesale.  

AFR’s partnership with Floify aims to reduce origination time and increase broker productivity. According to a release, Floify’s POS platform can save up to 15 hours of processing time per loan.

Article source: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/47164-cbcinnovis-announces-partnership-with-floify

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