Corporate Settlement Solutions implements eClose with DocMagic


DocMagic, a provider of compliant loan document preparation, compliance, eSign and eDelivery solutions, announced that Corporate Settlement Solutions, a title and settlement services company, implemented its Total eClose solution.

CSS combined DocMagic’s services and integrations to create an eClosing solution.  DocMagic’s Total eClose uses eNote, eSignature, eNotary, MERS eRegistration, eDelivery and eVault services to provide a paperless eClosing. 

“We are excited that CSS is successfully leveraging our Total eClose solution to provide a completely electronic closing process for their customers,” DocMagic President and CEO Dominic Iannitti said.

In addition to enabling eClosings, DocMagic’s solution also provides electronic proof and evidence of compliant transactions for future audits with a date and time stamp audit trail of everyone who has touched the transaction at any level.

This move towards a digital closing is a move towards what many Millennials want out of their home buying experience.

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