Field Service Provider to Utilize Smartphone Certification Platform for Inspections


To improve proof of performance inspection reporting, Spectrum Field Services will now allow all of its customers the opportunity to use Pruvan’s latest smartphone certification platform.

Since early 2011, the REO property preservation and specialty inspection company based in Salt Lake City has allowed select clients to use Pruvan’s technology services for their inspections. With Pruvan’s third-party certification solution, Spectrum clients have conducted and taken more than 150,000 time-stamped inspections and photos that validates where and when an inspection was taken.

The 3.0 certification platform lets inspectors take pictures and complete their inspection forms all on their mobile devices even in areas with no data coverage. Through a third party, the technology provider’s service certifies the time, location and context of information being submitted by inspectors that are in the field.

Inspectors then submit their forms and photos from their smartphones to Pruvan’s cloud-based certification services for quality assurance. This information is then readily available for Spectrum to review the vendor’s inspection.

“This partnership has given select clients an unprecedented level of assurance that inspection questions were answered and work was performed at a certain level of quality, at a particular time, and in a particular place,” said Alan Bunker, president of Spectrum Field Services. “The combination of Pruvan’s technology and our ‘context-sensitive’ validations on the front-end based upon previous data on the property make it possible to increase our accuracy and productivity while reducing costs.”

Additionally, Pruvan has a new electronic form that is designed to allow Spectrum to create a question flow for the inspections. When a vendor answers the question by including one or more of their photos from the inspection, the form will automatically get rid of any similar question. This form creates more efficiency and increases trust and timeliness between a company and a vendor.

Vendors also can obtain a free QA Viewer through the platform to see their certified photos and service records that are stored in the Pruvan cloud-based platform. Vendors can review their own work and Spectrum’s quality control teams have the ability to monitor the status of all field activities that are being performed in real time with this tool.

The 3.0 certification platform lets inspection companies get rid of troublesome processes including manual uploads, lost forms and questionable photos. Companies also no longer have to search for missing inspection photos and wait for the field team to return to their office to download the pictures to submit their reports.

“Pruvan’s vision is to become a trusted third-party for the large-scale capture and storage of proof of performance photos and the associated evidence of when, where and for whom the photos were taken,” said Paul Palmer, president of Pruvan, Round Rock, Texas. “Pruvan’s suite of certification products and services enables real time collaboration with field service personnel and remote trading partners using flexible forms, live chat, photos and video capabilities. This platform represents a huge step forward for providers of field-based services like property management and inspections.”

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