Here’s a quick overview of all of Trump’s cabinet-level positions


There’s only a little more than two weeks until President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office. In the short-time frame since the election, Trump has made a lot of important decisions on who will sit alongside him in office. While some names may sound familiar, there are likely to be a few names that didn’t hit your radar.

Quartz put together this handy piece of all of Trump’s cabinet nominations, which includes roughly two paragraphs on each nominee.

It also gives a bio on the two positions at the cabinet level that are already official: Vice President Mike Pence and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.  

At the time of publication, there are only three cabinet-level positions left to decide.

Here’s what the piece had to say about Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Nominee Ben Carson:

Perhaps the most baffling of all Trump’s cabinet picks, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has zero experience in government, housing, or urban issues. His run for the presidency fizzled in the primaries, and he has since been a steadfast Trump surrogate.

Carson previously said through a spokesperson his serving in the cabinet might “cripple the presidency.” In his about-face, Carson argued his qualifications stem from growing up in an “inner city”—immediately deploying a widely discredited term that illustrates his inexperience and the challenges in store for him ahead. The lesson here may be that the president-elect values loyalty above all else.

Also, here’s a look back on coverage from HousingWire on both Carson’s and the nomination of Steven Mnuchin as Department of the Treasury Secretary.

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