Here’s what lenders can do right now to reduce record loan costs


With origination costs continuing to climb, finding efficiencies in the mortgage process is critical for lender profitability. Effective vendor management is a key driver in this process, and the comprehensive suite of services offered by west, a division of Williston Financial Group, saves lenders time and money on every loan file.

HousingWire interviewed Pat Stone, founder and chairman of WFG, to find out what differentiates his company’s west VM solution from other vendor management offerings. West VM provides appraisal, title, flood, income and tax services through a single integrated, technology platform, allowing lenders to automatically order services with a push of the button.

“We want to do anything we can do to make our clients more efficient and do so in a manner that is open — and they can decide who they do business with,” Stone said. “We are not exclusive and we are all about making them more money.”

Watch the full interview below.

To find out more about west VM, read the white paper, What Lenders Can Do Right Now to Reduce Record High Loan Costs, on HousingWire’s Knowledge Center.

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