HW Tech100 nominations close TODAY


Hello to all of you procrastinators who pushed your nominations to the last possible day – this message is for you!


You did it. You managed to put it off until the last possible second – but today is your final day. At midnight tonight, nominations for our HW Tech100 award will close.

This award is reserved for companies in the mortgage and housing industry with the best technology. Just as its name implies, the HW Tech100 Award is awarded to 100 companies throughout the industry. Register here to win a spot.

But you better hurry. Time is running and you only have a few hours left.


Does your company offer innovative technology solutions for the U.S. housing industry?

If you can answer yes to that, then you probably should have already signed up!

Still have questions? We have answers.

But for those of you who don’t have time to click through the link (because time is running out for you to nominate your company) here is a quick snapshot:

  • Yes, you can win even if you’ve won before – just show us some new tech or a new way your tech is influencing the industry.
  • No, your technology does not have to be available to third parties, it can be internal tech.
  • The role of the new advisory committee is to review nominations and advise HW’s selection board on the best tech companies in the space.

Now for the important part – how do you win?

Our awards are an editorial program, so just nominating your company doesn’t mean you will win. Nominations will be peer reviewed by our advisory committee, then winners will be selected by our internal award selection board.

There are a lot of hands in the process, and any member of the committee or board can decide to vote or not vote for a nominee for a number of different reasons. But that being said, as an insider to the process, I can give you a tip:

Focus on how your tech impacts the industry. We know you love your tech – or you wouldn’t have created it! – but how does it improve the rest of the housing industry?

Winners will be announced in the April issue of HW Magazine, so good luck!

And don’t forget to nominate!

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