New evidence released on murder of Abilene real estate agent


Weeks passed since Abilene, Texas, real estate agent Tom Niblo was shot and killed in his home, but police have yet to make an arrest.

A newly released search warrant gives more information on the case, and further confirms police’ suspicions of Niblo’s brother-in-law Luke Sweetser, according to an article by Brooke Crum for Abilene Reporter.

However, police released Sweetser, who was arrested on charges of theft of a firearm, from jail Friday after a bond reduction from $400,000 to $75,000.

The morning of the shooting, Niblo’s wife, Cheryl Niblo, got out of bed to go to the bathroom, the search warrant affidavit states. During that time, she heard several shots and she escaped the house unharmed.

From the article:

“The investigation did not reveal evidence of why or how Cheryl McKissack Niblo removed herself from the bedroom at the exact time that Thomas Niblo was shot to death,” the search warrant affidavit states.

The warrant gives more details on the motive that Sweetser could have for wanting to shoot Niblo, according to the article. The family allegedly fought about the execution of a will after the death of Niblo’s father, which named Niblo and his mother executors of the will.

Sweetser’s wife, Niblo’s sister, was specifically excluded in the will, according to an article by Erica Garner for Big Country Homepage.

From the article:

The documents [from the detectives on the case] say the Sweetsers were “very upset” about this will and, “had made failed requests and attempts at changing the status of the executorship which led to verbal disputes between themselves and the deceased.”

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