[Pictures] Bay-area housing burns to the ground


A massive fire destroyed several housing complexes in an area that desperately needs housing inventory, California’s Bay Area. Here are some of the pictures from the fire, and what was left at the end.

The fire completely destroyed several apartment complexes that were under construction, according to an article by Joseph Serna for the Los Angeles Times.

The report of the fire first came in at about 5 a.m. this morning on the 300 block of Lester Avenue. The building, just months away from opening, contained 40 apartment units.

The fire came at a time when the city desperately needs more housing inventory as more people move out from San Francisco and into surrounding areas. In fact, Oakland, California, has surpassed surrounding cities to become the area’s most heated real estate market.

This shows what the apartments looked like after the fire ran its course:

The flames could be seen from miles away, according to the article.

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