Realtor busted doing drugs [and other things] in her newly sold home


A Texas Realtor was caught on Friday with drugs in a home she sold just the day before in Houston, according to an article by Khaleda Rahman for Daily Mail.

Police responded to a call from a concerned neighbor who saw flashlights in what was supposed to be an empty house, the article explained. When police arrived, they caught Realtor Kayla Seloff with a man, Joshua Leal, and indicated they were also involved in other forms of risky business.

From the article:

Then, Seloff told officers that she and Leal, 27, of Friendswood, were married and they had just bought the home the day before.

But when officers escorted them to their car to get their IDs and Seloff opened the door, police say they smelled marijuana and saw a glass pipe on the dashboard.

Police said that the home’s new owners filed charges against the two, and that the new owners stated they didn’t approve of the “housewarming,” according to an article for WFSB.

Seloff and Leal were charged with criminal trespassing, and their bonds are set at $1,000, according to the Daily Mail article. It is unclear if Seloff, mugshot below, will face drug charges.


The Houston Association of Realtors also took down Seloff’s profile picture after the incident.




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