Special Servicer Opens Shop, Ramps Up Hiring


Talent, location and good weather brings Specialized Loan Servicing, an independent third-party servicer based in Highlands Ranch, Colo., to open shop in Tempe, Ariz.

Company executives said the firm plans to hire roughly 250 new employees.

Since expertise is key to quality servicing, argues chief executive officer John Beggins, one of the reasons why the firm chose Tempe is its “impressive and experienced talent base” in the Phoenix metro area.

Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the United States, “in sheer numbers there’s a large base of talent,” says chief operating officer Ali Haralson. “As a special servicer one of the things that is very important to us is that we have the right talent with the right experience, and we believe very strongly that the Phoenix market can deliver that.”

Phoenix is home to a large number of both young and experienced professionals because it appears to also attract a lot of employers who appreciate “the ease of access,” she said, since it is nicely positioned in the U.S. footprint.

“If you look at weather in Phoenix, it is ranked within the top five in the entire U.S.,” away from areas with high risk of floods, hurricanes or fires. “It’s ranked very, very high for continuity of business, which is another big key factor for us.”

All of the above, which ultimately affect business costs, tend to attract both employers and a large talent base.

It also helps that that the city is home to Arizona State University, she added, “since on the Tempe campus alone there’s a student body of about 58,000.”

SLS is calling on prospective employees to review current openings posted on the company website.

The new hires will be selected among professionals with different levels of experience including managers, relationship specialists and bilingual professionals.

SLS services over 248,000 loans totaling $27.5 billion in unpaid balances.


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