Tell HousingWire about your company’s good news


In 2017 we’ll be unveiling quite a few new features in HousingWire Magazine, including a section celebrating the unique successes of businesses in our industry. We’re excited to feature this new section, called Kudos, beginning in our February issue, and we need your help.

We’ll be including things like business anniversaries, awards, recognitions, etc. Was your company named one of the best places to work in your city? Let us know. Did your business reach a milestone in longevity, software development or number of customers served? We want to hear about it. 

Additionally, we would be interested in any charitable work your company is involved in. Food drives, Habitat projects and buying backpacks for needy kids are just some of the things we know about that companies in our space help with, and we would like to recognize these and more. Companies in the mortgage finance industry are doing some amazing things: let us know what they are!

This new section is just one part of our mission to cover the mortgage finance space from all sides — including hard news, thought leadership and commentary — as we continue to be your first choice for industry information.

So how can you let us know this important information?

Just send an email to and put Kudos in the subject line. The subject line is important since, just like you, we get hundreds of emails a day and important news can get buried fast. Labeling the email Kudos will enable us to easily search and find your information, no matter when you sent it.

We would welcome accompanying photos for these news items, but they have to be high res for publication in the magazine. That means 300 dpi at 3 inches tall. 

For our February issue, feel free to send anything that relates to the above that happened in December and January. Going forward we will accept updates that cover the two months before print publication to make sure the news is still timely. We reserve the right to decide between submissions based on timeliness, uniqueness and other factors. 

We look forward to celebrating your business’ hard-won accomplishments and recognizing the good work you’re doing throughout your communities and our industry. 


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