The Digital Tax Platform keeps borrowers happy by giving clients instant access to accurate data


As the digital mortgage continues to evolve, mortgage companies are looking for more ways to improve the borrower experience throughout the loan process. CoreLogic, the largest tax services provider in the U.S., understands the challenge facing lenders and servicers and has developed solutions that digitize and streamline a formerly cumbersome process.

CoreLogic’s Digital Tax Platform provides clients with accurate property tax data within one cohesive system, utilizing the company’s comprehensive data collection, which includes 50 years of historical data as well as constantly updated information from across 3,100 counties.

“The Digital Tax platform was developed with the goal to expand and grow with the industry as changes happen,” said Kirk Randlett, executive at CoreLogic. “As the data is being updated, we have a mechanism to drive that data back to our customers in a timely and accurate fashion.”

The Digital Tax Platform is just the latest example of how CoreLogic pays attention to what clients need in this competitive market.

“We are really trying to focus on how to help our clients improve their customers’ experience,” Randlett said. “As we look at the issues our clients are facing and what needs to be done to accomplish the improved borrower experience, CoreLogic is asking ‘how can we participate in that space?’”

HousingWire interviewed Randlett about the development of the Digital Tax Platform, as well as the positive reception it has received.

CoreLogic’s commitment to its clients is reflected in the positive feedback from Digital Tax Platform users, as the company continues to help mortgage professionals achieve superior customer experience through its data and technology solutions.


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