VA Specialist to Unload $4.5B of MSRs


A mortgage banking firm specializing in VA loans is trying to sell $4.5 billion of GNMA-backed mortgage servicing rights through Interactive Mortgage Advisors, Denver.

Moreover, the firm plans to unload an additional $1 billion of MSRs soon after the initial offering.

IMA would not disclose the identity of the seller, but notes in its offering circular that the firm has been in business since 1938 and specializes in VA streamlined refinancings. It describes the seller as “The #1 direct refinance lender having originated $30 billion of VA loans.”

The package has relatively low delinquencies of 2.96% and a foreclosure rate of 0.43%.

The underlying collateral is spread out over 26 states including Texas which accounts for the largest share of the package at 15.3%.

IMA did not offer a hard deadline for offers, but is telling potential buyers “A final date will be established based on market response.”

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