These housing experts will answer all of your Trump questions

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We expect 2017 to be a year of massive transition, with president elect Donald Trump’s inauguration only days away.

And as the guard changes in Washington, so too will the housing and mortgage finance industries we rely on for making our living.

As you can imagine, the editorial department at HousingWire is answering many questions on what the Trump mortgage nation will look like.

So much so, in fact, we figured our dear readers likely need to ask the very same questions:

What’s next for mortgage rates? They’re rising, but how high?

FHA reduced premiums, again. What’s the outlook on PMI vs. FHA?

Will Trump really repeal Dodd-Frank? What will that mean for the CFPB?

What is the future of the mortgage-interest deduction?

On January 26 we plan to answer all of this, FREE to HousingWire readers.

Join HousingWire as we host a free extended QA session, with 3 housing experts who live and breathe this kind of thing each and every day. Sign up and send us your questions, we’ll try to get to them.

Need to learn about interest rates? Brent Nyitray Director of Capital Markets, iServe Residential Lending will be there.

FHA just lowered premiums, how does that impact you? Sal Miosi Senior Vice President Business Strategy and Operations at primate mortgage insurer, MGIC, has your back.

Will Trump fire Richard Cordray and take apart Dodd-Frank, can he DO THAT? Noted author and industry firebrand Christopher Whalen will give us a preview.

Hurry up, though, as space is limited and we’re already into the hundred of registrants as of publishing this blog.

See you there.

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