[Video] HUD Secretary Ben Carson rings NYSE closing bell

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is back at it this week promoting National Homeownership Month after a busy week last week.

In honor of National Homeownership Month, Carson, along with his family, toured the floor of the NYSE exchange and had the honor ringing Monday’s closing bell (full video below).

HUD kicked off the month by hosting a housing forum on June 1, which included an appearance from Carson.

During his opening remarks of the forum, entitled “A New Era of Homeownership,” Carson spoke of the importance of homeownership and HUD’s efforts to ensure that “every hardworking and creditworthy American enjoys a fair chance at becoming a homeowner.”

Then last week, Carson also attended the National Housing Policy Symposium to talk about the HUD budget and veteran homelessness in honor of the month.

The full video of the NYSE event is below, along with several tweets from Carson.

This final tweet includes a small statement from Carson on the month. “The financial structure of this nation gives us the opportunity for people to rise, and that’s what we really want to concentrate on not only this month but every month,” said Carson before ringing the bell.  

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