Homebuyer Poll Finds Women Place Higher Value on Homeownership


A TD Bank homebuyer poll finds that American women place a higher value on homeownership than men do. The bank found 64% of women believe homeownership is essential in defining the American dream. In comparison, only 52% of men felt owning a home is important.

Furthermore, aspirations of homeownership are more prominent with women, with 66% of current female renters stating they intend to own a home in the future as opposed to 57% of men.

Another finding was that 23% of women who currently own a property bought that first home because they felt financially ready, compared to 20% of current male homeowners.

It also found that 93% of women do not regret purchasing their first home; suggesting women take much into consideration when to buy a home, to ensure they are making the best choice.

Half of current female homeowners surveyed reported buying their first home between the ages of 25 and 34. At the time of purchasing their first home, slightly than half these women said they felt proud (51%) and two-thirds said they felt excited.

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