Nearly 30% of Housing Markets Have Recovered:


There are four more midsized U.S. housing markets which during October have achieved a full home value recovery from the crisis, according to This brings the total number of recovered markets to 28% or 84 out of 300 being tracked.

However, there were 19 markets which had a month-to-month decline in values, while the remaining markets had only a 50 basis point month-to-month gain. This is attributed to the typical seasonal downtrend in home sales along with a leveling of prices, says.

The number of top 100 markets which achieved a value recovery remained at 26. The four markets which reached total recovery in October are Johnson City, Tenn.; Spartanburg, S.C.; Anderson, S.C.; and Elkhart-Goshen, Ind.

There are 158 markets which have recovered at least 50% of value, up from 152 in October.

Texas dominates the list of the top 10 markets with the largest percentage rebound, with the top four being San Antonio, Houston, Austin and Dallas. Following Oklahoma City and Tulsa, McAllen is ranked seventh and El Paso, ninth. The other cities in the top 10 are Pittsburgh at seven and Baton Rouge, La., at 10.

There are six Florida cities on the list of markets which are still struggling, although the market with the lowest percentage gain is Providence, R.I.-New Bedford, Ma.

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