10 Most Outrageous Credit Card Charges




10 Most Outrageous Credit Card ChargesHave you ever left a store or restaurant without looking at your receipt, only later to find a bogus charge? In most cases, the errors are innocent enough — maybe the harried waitress at the local drive-thru accidentally tacked on an extra soft drink.

Even looking back at own our receipts, we sometimes can’t recognize the products we purchased, and we’d never know that there was a glitch unless we were paying close attention.

But some receipts merit a double-take because of the sheer outrageousness of their totals, or the bizarre nature of the expense ($2 for a “farting charge?”). Those are the ones that have to be seen to be believed, like this collection of 10 outrageous cash register receipts that have gone viral on the web, courtesy of BuzzFeed. We can’t say for sure who was hit with all these charges, but we know that somebody somewhere ponied up $50 for “nothing.”

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