Appeals court halts execution of criminal who brutally murdered real estate agent

The execution for death-row inmate Kosoul Chanthakoummane, who was convicted of killing a real estate agent in McKinney, was halted by an appeals court.

Chanthakoummane was set to die by lethal injection on July 19, however a Collin County trial court is set to review an appeal which says the case used improper forensic evidence and scientifically invalid testimony, according to an article by Kylie Madry for The Dallas Morning News.

He was convicted in 2007 for killing real estate agent Sarah Walker in a model home in McKinney in 2006, the article states. Chanthakoummane maintains his innocence.

The court found him guilty of stabbing Walker in the face and neck in a model home in what his defense attorney called a robbery gone-wrong.

But went wrong is an understatement. A medical examiner testified at Chanthakoummane’s trial that Walker was beaten, bitten and stabbed. Of her 33 stab wounds, 10 were deemed fatal wounds. The jewelry she had been wearing was stolen.

From the article:

A jury convicted Chanthakoummane after 30 minutes of deliberation and testimony about DNA evidence that placed him at the model home.

As a teenager in North Carolina, Chanthakoummane received parole after holding two women at gunpoint before stealing a car and evading arrest.

The execution, which was planned for next month, is being put off while the court reviews the forensic evidence.

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