Avoiding Hidden Fees at All-Inclusive Resorts


Did you know: That “all-inclusive” vacation might not include as much as you think?

While your flight, hotel, meals and ground transportation are typically covered, there can be some hidden fees.

For example, resort menus are sometimes limited, so that lobster dinner may come with a hefty price tag. The same goes for extra activities and excursions, like jet-skiing. Even the fitness center and internet can be added expenses.

Brochure pictures and descriptions can also be misleading, so don’t always trust what you see. You might think terms like “beachfront” and “oceanfront” are the same thing, but “beachfront” can mean you only get a view of the sand… but no water.

So how do you really know what you’re paying for? It’s easy. Just look for any asterisks in the promotion and review the fine print listed in the “terms and conditions.”

It also won’t hurt call the hotel directly to make sure there aren’t any extra “convenience fees” or renovations going on that will affect the quality of your stay. Doing these things can help you save as much as $30 per day on your final hotel bill.

So remember these tips before you book that trip. You’ll see that you can still find a great all-inclusive vacation — without the premium price tag.

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