Budget-Friendly Tips for a Stocked Pantry — Savings Experiment


Savings Experiment: Vitamins

A well-stocked pantry is the key to making great meals on the fly. With go-to spices, canned goods and cooking essentials, you’ll never run out of dinner ideas, but how can you make sure your pantry is full without wasting money?

First, start stashing. When there are sales on regularly used items, buy two (or more) instead of one. You’ll end up making fewer trips to the store, and use less gas overall. Stick with non-perishables to get the best shelf-life, and make sure these 12 essential pantry ingredients are on your shopping list.

Next, stay organized to minimize waste. Place older items in the front of your pantry, and store newer purchases in the back. You can even extend the life of certain products by storing them in the freezer. Flour, nuts and baking products keep well in cool temperatures.

If you have the space, try shopping for non-perishables in bulk at wholesale retailers like Costco. You can cut costs even further by pooling your efforts with a few friends. Buy items in bulk and divide the goods up between you, and you’ll save money, gas and, ultimately, pantry space.

pantryReady to ensure you’ll always be able to whip up a quick and delicious meal? Follow these easy tips on how to stay organized and stocked, and your pantry will forever stay fresh and well-maintained.

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