Central Falls to hold meeting about receivership


The sign at Central Falls City Hall reads there’s a meeting at 7 p.m. on Friday.

And the focus is squarely on the city’s receivership.

“It’s costing too much money, way too much money,” said councilman Patrick Szlastha.

How much money?

City taxpayers are footing the bill for chief of staff Gayle Corrigan and her deputy at roughly $26,000 a month.

An NBC 10 investigation uncovered Corrigan’s questionable past. Months before starting in Central Falls, she was fired from her job as chief financial officer of Senesco Marine in North Kingstown.

Her bosses discovered she had secretly started another company and was profiting from the arrangement.

“I know now that she was (fired from Senesco Marine) but I didn’t know when I engaged her. I knew she left the job,” said Robert Flanders, the state-appointed receiver for Central Falls.

Flanders, who also collects $395 an hour from the state, said Corrigan has saved the city millions, and her role has now expanded into the city’s schools.

It’s a move that isn’t sitting well for some who are calling for her immediate removal.

“Give us back our city. Period. Get out,” Szlastha said.

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