Chafee supports Occupy protests in Providence


Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee said the protesters inspired by Occupy Wall Street and planning to take over Burnside Park in Providence on Saturday are only voicing the same sentiments he displayed as a U.S. senator.

“They’re right on some of these issues. Disparity of wealth is not healthy for any community or country,” Chafee told NBC 10 on Thursday.

Occupy Providence is a democratically controlled organization.

There aren’t any designated decision makers. They hold meetings, and vote on resolutions, which is how they picked Burnside Park.

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Stephen Pare said he believes the group will be well behaved.

Representatives from Occupy Providence told NBC 10 they are still discussing whether they will seek a permit for their demonstration or just go ahead with it. They also said there’ll be a rotating presence of tents at the park for at least a week.

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