Chief of staff won't answer questions about past employer


The chief of staff in Central Falls again Tuesday refused to answer NBC 10’s questions about her past employment.

An NBC 10 News investigation in February revealed that Gayle Corrigan was fired from her previous job and some have questioned whether she should be running the bankrupt city.

NBC 10 News has tried reaching Corrigan many times over the past four months: in person, on the phone and through email.

Under the receivership, Corrigan has replaced the mayor and runs the city’s day-to-day operations. She’s paid $100 an hour; her deputy gets $60 an hour. That’s about $26,000 a month and more than $300,000 a year. The bill is paid by city taxpayers.

“Way too much money. More than anyone I’ve heard any two or three people together making this amount of money,” City Council member Pat Szlastha said.

Before landing a contract in Central Falls with former state-appointed receiver Robert Flanders, Corrigan was the chief financial officer of Senesco Marine in North Kingstown.

NBC 10 reported that Corrigan was fired when her bosses at the ship and tug boat building company learned she was cashing in on a labor scheme.

At the time, NBC 10 asked Flanders, who hired Corrigan in Central Falls, if he knew.

“I now know that she was (fired), but I didn’t know that when I engaged her,” Flanders said Feb. 17.

Corrigan was supposed to be at that February interview, but she never showed up.

On Tuesday, she was the one answering questions about Central Falls’ future. NBC 10 asked if she’d like to set the record straight about her past employment at Senesco Marine.

“Of course, I was very disappointed with the shoddy journalism from WJAR,” she said.

Here’s what NBC 10 News found in a document from the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights.

“Gayle Corrigan was terminated for cause as a result of violating her fiduciary duties to Senesco Marine, LLC while an officer of the company. Unbeknownst to Senesco, Gayle Corrigan had incorporated and was surreptitiously running a staff leasing company which provided contract labor to Senesco, from which she was profiting.”

Corrigan didn’t answer our questions and unclipped her microphone.

Under the terms of the bankruptcy plan, Corrigan’s company, Municipal Management Solutions, will stay six months longer in Central Falls than her originally signed contract.

The cost is an extra $200,000. She said it’s less than what a mayor and staff would make.

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