City’s bankruptcy could bring police, fire cuts


A day after Central Falls filed for bankruptcy, city residents came together Tuesday for the annual National Night Out block party.

Hundreds turned out for the activities hosted by the police department and community groups.

This, as one of the plans from the bankruptcy proceedings calls for a 40 percent cut to the police and fire departments.

While most were focused on a nice summer night, and some admitted they haven’t followed the city’s unprecedented financial mess, a common feeling seems to be apprehension.

“I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen moving forward, what that means as far as for residents,” resident Juanita Mobley said.

“I’m very concerned.  I have three children in the Central Falls school district.  So I’m concerned as far as what happens to the schools.  I’m also concerned about the fire department, the police.  That’s really big,” she said.

Resident Heather Dias said she does not want cuts to public safety.

“I don’t think they should. We need money. They need to fix this. Look at all these kids that come out for a block party. And there’s no community center now. We don’t know what to do with them,” Dias said.

On this night at least, the block party provides a positive distraction.

“I think this was a great opportunity for the residents of Central Falls to come out, be together, have fun, laugh, dance.  We have a lot to celebrate in Central Falls.  We’re a great community,” said Vernia Carter, the city’s substance abuse prevention coordinator and one of the event’s organizers.

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