Commission to look at options for Weaver’s Cove


Surrounded by local and federal lawmakers, Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan on Tuesday announced the creation of a 15-member task force to handle what to do with 70-plus acres of waterfront property on Weaver’s Cove.

“As the mayor, my responsibility is to identify potential users of the property and developers and get that property developed in such a way that it is going to continue to move our waterfront and our city forward,” Flanagan said.

Weaver’s Cove Energy, owned by Hess LNG, abandoned its plan in June to bring liquefied natural gas to the city, citing unfavorable economics for LNG in New England. It didn’t help that the proposal faced opposition from homeowners and politicians along the way.

“We were united in opposition to a bad project, and we will be equally united in support of a good project,” U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., said.

So what will the new land look like? That is the goal of the new task force led by city councilman Eric Poulin.

A few ideas have been floated, including one by a local environmental group that would include a massive waterfront complex.

“A hotel, a marina, athletic fields, recreational fields. That end of the city has grown tremendously and is lacking in those kind of resources, recreational,” said Joe Carvalho of Green Futures.

The group will also include neighbors from Somerset and look at reuse of the old Brightman Street bridge, which will be open in the middle once the drawbridge is removed.

“The city, the towns around it, and unless we go forward as a joint entity, as community of towns and this city, we’re not going to be successful. We’re not going to bring jobs or good businesses,” state Rep. Patricia Haddad, D-Somerset, said.

The process is in the very early stages because Hess hasn’t yet agreed to sell the 70 acres, which sold for about $17 million four years ago. 

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