Despite Price Gains Affordability Depends on Geography


Rising prices, especially in major cities like San
Francisco, Seattle, and Boston which hit new price highs in 2015 have created
renewed concerns about affordability. 
However CoreLogic research analyst Andrew LePage, writing
for the company’s Insights blog says
that looking at housing from the prospective of mortgage payments over the last
quarter century one sees that affordability doesn’t look so bad, especially at
more local levels.

LePage says the monthly mortgage payment is a key measure of
affordability since that is the number used to qualify a borrower.  He looked at the ups and downs of payments
calculated from a local area’s median sale price and adjusted for inflation to
derive what he calls a typical mortgage payment over time.  The calculation assumes a 20 percent
downpayment and a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at the prevailing Freddie Mac
interest rate.



He calculated payments in four California counties, San Francisco,
Orange, Santa Clara, and Los Angeles. Median home prices in San Francisco
topped previous records, hitting $1.15 million in both May and November, but
because of low mortgage rates the typical mortgage payment there in November was
$4,360, 13 percent below the inflation adjusted peak of $4,997 in June 2007
when the median price was $825,000 but mortgage rates were around 6.7 percent.



LePage also looked at 11 metro areas and found typical mortgage payments to
be 20 to 50 percent below peak levels in prior cycles.  In metro Dallas the median sales price hit a
new peak of $252,000 but the mortgage payment in September was 24 percent below
the peak reached in the spring of 2015. 
In New York the median home price was still 11 percent off of the area’s
peak but the typical mortgage payment was 42 percent lower.



LePage says mortgage payments are more likely to be near or at a peak today
in smaller housing markets where economic and income growth are strong and the
housing supply is constrained.  He points
to Palo Alto where the typical monthly payment peaked at (gulp) $10,751 last fall
as the median home price also peaked at nearly $2.9 million.

He concludes that the typical mortgage payment doesn’t tell the whole
affordability story
either.  One needs to
take into account other factors such as monthly rent levels and local income
growth or lack of the same.

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