Fannie Mae’s Portfolio Rises 2% YTD


Fannie Mae said on Wednesday that its Book
of Business increased at a compounded annual rate of 1.3 percent in April to a
value of $3.164 trillion. The Book has increased by 1.9 percent year-to-date in
and gained 1.4 percent for all of 2016.

The company’s mortgage portfolio had a
balance of $278.46 billion at the end of April. 
This was composed of $201.48 billion in mortgage loans, $67.55 billion
in securitizations, $2.7 billion in non-Fannie Mae mortgage securities which were
agency and $6.52 billion non-agency.

Purchases into the Gross Mortgage
Portfolio during the month amounted to $34.87 billion for a total of $99.34
billion for the year through April. 
Sales during the month were $22.01 billion and liquidations $3.26
billion for year-to-date numbers of $78.17 billion and $15.06 billion
respectively.  Fannie Mae said there was
a temporary increase in this portfolio of 52.5 percent (annualized) in April
but there should be a significant decrease in May.

The company issued $42.46 billion in
guaranteed securities and mortgage loans during the month bringing the year’s
total so far to $187.50 billion.  Issuances
in all of 2016 were a total $637.84 billion. There were liquidations totaling
$35.78 billion for an ending balance of $2.94 trillion, a decline of 14.6
on an annualized basis.

The overall delinquency rate in Fannie Mae’s
conventional single family portfolio was 1.07 percent, down 5 basis points from
.  The multi-family portfolio
delinquency rate dipped 1 basis point to 0.04 percent.  The company completed 6,740 loan
modifications during the month.

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