Former bookkeeper accused of stealing from Sundlun family


A woman accused of stealing from former Gov. Bruce Sundlun pleaded not guilty in Kent County Superior Court on Friday.

Teresa Roby was arraigned and charged with larceny, forgery and computer fraud. She was released on $10,000 personal recognizance. Roby’s next court appearance is scheduled for the end of February.

Roby’s former employer, Soozie Sundlun, widow to the late governor, said Roby stole $21,000 from her and her husband and unlawfully used one of their credit cards.

After her arraignment, Roby refused to comment. But when she talked to NBC 10 last summer she explained she did use the Sundlun’s credit cards, but with their permission.

Roby said it was an unorthodox form of payment for bookkeeping services she provided to the Sundlun’s and their East Greenwich photography company.

“She drew a very small salary from the store. The checks went into her account and that account had a card attached to it. She allowed me to use that card so I could go grocery shopping and basically deduct it. Instead of like getting a check, these purchases would be deducted from that everything she and Bruce owed me,” Roby told NBC 10.

Court documents claim Roby illegally used the Sundlun’s accounts to pay for a trip to New Hampshire resort, veterinary services for her dog at a local clinic, and to buy food from McDonalds.

Soozie Sundlun declined to talk to NBC 10 on Friday.

However the family released a statement to NBC 10 last summer that said, “The family looks forward to justice being done in this case, based on the facts uncovered by the State Police. It is their hope that once the matter is complete, Teresa Roby will not be able to victimize anyone else.”

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