Fraud awareness information


Santander infographic

Every year there are millions of cases of fraud where the lack of caution on the part of users is the first cause. So there are precautions you should keep in mind to avoid falling victim to malicious individuals.

One thing to keep in mind is that the person trying to commit the crime of scamming you will want your personal data and will use misleading questions in some places to persuade you to give them to him. The key is to be cautious and aware of what people could do with the information you give.

Appearing legitimate

One of the tricks scammers use is to appear in front of you formal and make you believe that what they are offering you is legitimate. It’s a well thought trap and works because many times we base our trust and opinion about someone depending on the way they present themselves. Criminals now have more sophisticated mechanisms and many crimes are committed with simple attacks that exploit buyers neglect. That’s why there are new frauds all the time that take even people of all ages by surprise.

That’s why it’s important to use the internet and find out what has happened to others. However, this is not sufficient, as it should be combined with a high degree of awareness and caution.

False advertising for products and services

The attractive promotions that reach you are not always truthful. Many times you’ll hear about great offers and sales of products or services accompanied with discount and reviews that make them seem almost perfect. However, most times, the final product doesn’t even get close to the standards advertised. This is false advertising and it’s illegal.

One of the best recommendations is that whenever you detect anything suspicious to report to authorities and the administration of the business involved. Also take a look at this infographic by Santander to learn about some interesting facts regarding credit card fraud.

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