Georgia vs Sun West; BofA Repurchase Requests; Lender USDA Updates


banker thwarts Zions Bank robbery?! Don Worthington with Primary
Residential writes, “Our sales Manager Corey Lewis was on the phone with
a customer while she was at the bank. The customer was talking with him
about what verification we needed from her bank when it got
robbed. Corey had her on the phone in one ear and he had his cell phone
in his other hand with police on the other line relaying information.” Able to leap stacks of VOEs in a single bound!

of the telling exchanges that have sprung up in the last few years is
between the owner of a lender doing $30 million a month and anyone else.
only doing $30 million a month. I don’t know if I can afford to hire an
attorney or a $120k/year head of compliance.” “Can you afford not to?”
Just like anyone in a manufacturing role, lenders need to be good at
monitoring. Automakers, for example, routinely track and measure the
failure rates of everything from a car’s brakes to air bags to power
steering. Now banks and lenders are being forced to think much the same
way about mortgages. Strict Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements are
forcing lenders to identify and eliminate mistakes, both small and
large, in home loans. Mortgage compliance, with its seemingly endless
reviews, reports to senior managers and laborious changes to business
processes, is often seen by lenders as an annoying money pit.

Banker observes, “But compliance is not just costly. It is more
critical than ever
to the bottom line, and can save lenders millions of
dollars and further regulatory scrutiny.” In the distant past most
lenders would have pegged their defect rates at 10% or more. But now
Fannie, Freddie and the Federal Housing Administration are demanding
that lenders produce higher quality loans with few mistakes. “Lenders
have spent the past year testing not only against credit guidelines such
as loan-to-value ratios and FICO scores. They also have to make sure
loans comply with myriad mind-boggling regulatory requirements that can
gum up the lending process.”

article goes on. “While lenders are grudgingly expanding compliance
programs they also are pushing back. Bill Cosgrove, the CEO of Union
Mortgage in Strongsville, Ohio and chairman elect of the MBA, said
mortgage lenders should not have to buy back loans for simple mistakes.
Doing so has had a chilling effect on lending. ‘We are trying to develop
a bucket where there are minor, middle issues and major repurchase
triggers,’ said Cosgrove. ‘Today that system is not in place and lenders
are suffering. When you have ‘I got you’ penalties, overlays come into
play. When a loan goes delinquent, it has to be a material defect,’ to
trigger a buyback, he said. Lenders have adopted so-called credit overlays to reduce lending to riskier borrowers.”

Sure enough, buybacks continue to plague many companies, tying up money and resources defending loans made many years ago. American Mortgage Law Group
published an observation noting, “We saw a very intriguing article come
up in the news recently, which agrees with our analysis. It
too predicts that BOA will attempt to recoup as much of its losses as
it can
by forcing correspondent lenders to repurchase loans. However,
the article also agreed that there may be light at the end of the tunnel
in that the settlement arms lenders with a fresh line of defense.
The article revealed that as part of the settlement, BOA released a
‘statement of facts’ that includes a number of striking admissions. In
short, BOA admitted to selling billions of dollars’ worth of RMBS
without disclosing key facts about the quality of the loans backing
them, allegedly costing investor billions of dollars in losses. BOA
further conceded that it originated risky mortgage loans and made
misrepresentations about the quality of those loans to Fannie Mae,
Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Authority. In addition, Countrywide
acknowledged that its prioritization of loan ‘sale-ability’ led it to
expand its loan offerings to include ‘Extreme Alt-A’ loans – loans that
they would permit even if the borrowers’ self-reported income or assets
raised substantial doubts about the borrowers’ truthfulness. All in all,
Countrywide wanted to originate any loan that it could possibly sell,
and misrepresented these loans to its investors.”

The State of Georgia snagged another lender for employing a convicted felon – this time it was Sun West.
Last week it was Hometown Lenders (out of Huntsville, AL). The orders
ban the mortgage company’s owners from acting as branch managers of a
Georgia-based mortgage broker or mortgage lender. Many states, including
Georgia, do not allow mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders to employ
convicted felons or allow any such person to be involved in mortgage
lending, the departments explained in a press release


Some relatively recent USDA updates from lenders:

Envoy Mortgage CLD
has announced that they will continue to purchase USDA loans with
Conditional Commitments “subject to the availability of commitment
authority” during the interim period.

MT Bank
is reminding customers of the USDA eligibility map change for loan
applications dated on or after October 1st (application defined as
complete loan guarantee request).  Loans
in the pipeline should be checked against the “future” map eligibility
areas on the USDA website. If the area will not be eligible after
October 1st, those loans need to be sent to the appropriate USDA office
as soon as possible.

T Bank posted updated information regarding USDA eligible map
areas. Any area currently eligible will remain eligible through December
11, 2014 unless Congress changes that date.

Plaza Wholesale is reminding lenders of the 2 upcoming changes on USDA loans effective October 1st: USDA
Fee Change and Rural Map Change. Fannie Mae’s Homepath program has been
discontinued. Plaza will accept loans that meet Fannie Mae’s HomePath
eligibility deadlines. As a result of the severe storms and flooding in
Michigan on August 13, FEMA has declared disaster areas for Macomb
County, Oakland County and Wayne County, Some of the loans scheduled to
close in these areas may need to be suspended or delayed until
confirmation of the property’s condition can be obtained.

Wells Fargo Funding
now has three authorized appraisal management companies: Clear Capital,
ServiceLink, and Rels Valuation. USDA annual fee increase beginning
with conditional commitments issued on or after October 1st may impact
loans currently in process as there are delays in conditional
commitments in some areas. These delays potentially may create the
necessity to re-underwrite and re-disclose loans affected. Sellers
should contact their local Rural Housing location to understand current
processing times.

Flagstar Wholesale
posted its memo reflecting an announcement made by USDA regarding a
temporary lapse of funding at the beginning of Fiscal Year 2015.

Penny Mac posted two announcements covering information on its Jumbo program and USDA program:  14-51: Updates to Asset, Liability and Property Requirements for the Jumbo Program.

14-52: Retirement of Property Flip Overlay on USDA Rural Housing Loans.

Penny Mac’s updated information
includes definitions for Early Payoff Policy, Early Payment Default and
Repurchase Price and updates to its defect section in its seller guide.
Also posted, resources for corrections to collateral
are available for review. Per the Fiscal Year 2015 Commitment Notice
released September 30, 2014, funding for the USDA Rural Housing Loan
Program will not be available for a short period of time at the
beginning of Fiscal Year 2015, which begins October 1, 2014. During the
temporary lapse of funding, Rural Housing will issue Conditional
Commitments “subject to the availability of commitment authority” for
purchase and refinance transactions. Regarding USDA loans, Per the
Fiscal Year 2015 Commitment Notice released September 30, 2014, funding
for the USDA Rural Housing Loan Program will not be available for a
short period of time at the beginning of Fiscal Year 2015, which begins
October 1, 2014. During the temporary lapse of funding, Rural Housing
will issue Conditional Commitments “subject to the availability of
commitment authority” for purchase and refinance transactions. Penny Mac
will continue to purchase USDA Rural Housing loans with Conditional
Commitments subject to the availability of commitment authority.

Some volatility crept into the market Tuesday – much of it due to a major sell-off in equities. Stock
market investors fear that the world economy is weaker than we thought a
week or two ago, and so have been selling stocks. Some of those
doubloons have flowed into our bond markets, driving up demand and thus
driving down rates.
Thomson Reuters summed it by observing, “High
handles (higher coupon mortgages) also served to deter buyers as FNMA
3.5s crested above $103, a level not seen since late May. Supply was
once more a mere footnote to the equation, as mortgage bankers pipelines
are thinned and their focus is more with selling specified paper than
bothering with TBA (to be announced securities used as hedges).” So on
no economic announcements agency MBS prices improved .250-.375; the
30-yr FNMA current coupon plunged seven basis points to 3.03%; its
lowest reading since June 2013.

excitement today we’ve already had the MBA weekly survey on mortgage
rates and lending activity. (Applications were up almost 4%, refis +5%,
purchases +2%; refis accounted for 56% of all applications and ARMs
stood at 8%.) At 1PM EDT (use EST in the winter!) the Treasury sells $21
billion of 10-yr notes while 2PM EDT offers the Federal Reserve release
on FOMC minutes from the last meeting of September 16th and 17th. In
the early going rates are nearly unchanged from Tuesday’s close. The 10-yr is at 2.36% after closing yesterday at 2.35% and agency MBS prices are worse .125.



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