I-Team: Photo shows possible misuse of town vehicle


A controversy has begun in North Providence involving the use of a city vehicle.

A firefighter was caught using a city vehicle to run a personal errand but on Wednesday, the fire chief says the firefighter did nothing wrong. 

The I-Team was sent a group of still photos showing North Providence Fire Capt. Ray Medieros outside of the Heritage Coin and Gun shop in West Warwick on duty with his city car. 

Medieros made a purchase at the gun shop, but Fire Chief Leonard Albanese said Medieros was there by the chief’s invitation on his way to a fire’s chief’s meeting at a nearby restaurant. 

The chief says Medieros did nothing wrong.

“Although we always try to avoid the slightest appearance of impropriety he had justification to be in the area, he drove right past the place, I prefer he didn’t make that stop, sometimes things don’t look right, however he wasn’t doing anything wrong,” said Chief Leonard Albanese. 

It turns out a retired North Providence firefighter, Angelo Riccitelli, sent the I-Team the pictures and claims the fire chief is a political crony. 

Riccitelli worked as a firefighter for a short time, and went out on a disability.


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