Julian Edelman explains what he’ll miss most about ‘big ol’ teddy bear’ Rob Gronkowski


The Rob Gronkowski era in the National Football League is over, and seemingly no one is taking it harder than former teammate Julian Edelman

The New England Patriots wide receiver and Super Bowl LIII MVP explained exactly what it is that he’ll miss most about Gronk – and there may be some inappropriate stories involved. 

Edelman called the former tight end a “big ol’ teddy bear” and noted that he was one of the most refreshing faces to see when the grind of the NFL season got to be too much. 

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“Sometimes it’s not easy to have a great attitude,” Edelman said. “And Gronk’s over there in his locker room, naked, smiling, like, ‘Hey, what’s up, dude?'”

The two longtime Patriots had been teammates since Gronkowski was drafted in 2010.

Watch the video above for Edelman’s full comments on his beloved Gronk. 

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