Kids explain climate change to President Donald Trump


On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host called out Donald Trump’s latest misspelled tweet, in which the president weighed in on the dangerously cold weather currently hitting the Midwest, but instead of writing “global warming” Trump tweeted “Global Waming”. 

Kimmel asked: “Is he really that ignorant? He doesn’t know that climate change is responsible for extreme temperatures including cold – is he dumb? Or is he just pretending to be dumb? I think we give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s actually dumb.”

Since Kimmel concluded that he thinks Trump just doesn’t understand climate change, he brought out a couple of children, Apollo, 8, and Kaitlynn, 10, to break it down for him, in a segment called ‘Kids Explain it to the President’.

The two adorable kids addressed the president and gave a dumbed-down explanation of climate change… in under two minutes.

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But it wasn’t just the now-predictable misspelling in Trump’s tweet that irked people, it was also the fact that he asked global warming to “come back fast,” because “we need you,” which, once again showed Trump’s lack of understanding between weather and climate as global temperatures continue to rise.

But don’t worry, the kids had it covered.“Even though it’s cold where you are, that doesn’t mean the globe isn’t heating up. What you are experiencing is weather. Weather is what happens today. Climate is what happens over the long run,” explained Apollo. Kaitlynn finished, saying: “And that’s called climate change!”

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