Lawmakers approve bailout for troubled MBTA


The Massachusetts House of Representatives approved a temporary financial fix for the MBTA.

The bailout bill, which also offers help to other regional transit agencies, was passed Wednesday on a vote of 130-5 and moved to the Senate.

A key provision of the bailout measure would transfer $49 million to the T from a state fund made up of automobile inspection fees paid by motorists.

The MBTA board voted in April to raise fares an average 23 percent and cut some service. But state transportation officials said the bailout was needed to close the remainder of the T’s $159 million budget deficit and prevent deeper service reductions on July 1.

State Rep. Marc Lombardo, R-Billerica, derided the bill as a “Band-Aid” for the MBTA and accused the agency of failing to adopt meaningful cost-saving reforms.

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