Lawmakers propose solutions to prevent second 38 Studios-like deal


Rhode Island lawmakers are proposing solutions with how to prevent the recurrence of a deal like the one the state’s Economic Development Corporation gave former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling’s video game company.

One lawmaker called for financial transparency because Providence-based 38 Studios is reportedly not even sharing information with the state.

“I say sign an affidavit under the penalty of perjury and you release the information first or you’re not going to get the money. Because I’m sure there are many companies out there that for $75 million would be happy to open their records and the information. It’s taxpayer dollars and they have a right to know how their money’s being invested,” said state Rep. Charlene Lima, D-Cranston.

And while House Speaker Gordon Fox knew about 38 Studios when the job guarantee bill passed, it’s not clear if any rank-and-file legislators did.

When asked if there was any reason to believe that these kind of deals won’t happen again, state Rep. Robert Watson said, “Not in a building that lives off back room deals and quick fix gimmicks.”

Watson was the sole representative to oppose the bill, and said the way things are it’ll happen again.

“We’re putting together a budget that will be out in a month and yet most people don’t know anything about it,” Watson said.

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