Mayors brainstorm about economic growth


The mayors of Providence and Fall River met Tuesday to share ideas on economic growth. 

Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan hosted Providence Mayor Angel Taveras on a tour of Columbia Street in his city.  The two chatted over coffee and shook hands and talked to customers at several businesses, like a market and a restaurant.

Flanagan called it a brainstorming session.

“We’re going through so many similar situations, whether it be public safety, education, community development, and it’s good to reach out to a mayor of such a large city, like Providence, who’s our neighbor from across the bridge,” Flanagan said. 

Taveras talked about the similarities between the two.

“He’s also a very young mayor as well; it’s the first elected office he’s held. We talked a little bit about that. And to know some of the things that we’re going through in our city, he’s going through as well,” Taveras said.

So what did they learn?

Taveras talked about using ethnic diversity as an economic development toolFlanagan noted his counterpart’s success reaching out to the business community.

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