MBS MID-DAY: 3/9/2012


-Fourth quarter 2011 net income of $619 million and total other comprehensive income of $887
million resulted in total comprehensive income of $1.5 billion.

-Net worth deficit at December 31, 2011 requires Treasury draw request of $146 million, as total
comprehensive income for the fourth quarter was more than offset by senior preferred dividends paid
of $1.7 billion.

-Full-year 2011 net loss was $5.3 billion and total comprehensive loss was $1.2 billion. Net worth
deficits during 2011 resulted in total Treasury draw requests of $7.6 billion for the year, reflecting the
total comprehensive loss for the year and $6.5 billion of senior preferred dividends paid in 2011.

-In 2011, the company provided over $360 billion of liquidity to the mortgage market, helping nearly
1.9 million families finance or rent a home. This included nearly $250 billion in single-family
refinance volume, resulting in an estimated $2.7 billion in aggregate annual interest savings for
almost 1.2 million borrowers.

-In 2011, the company helped over 208,000 borrowers avoid foreclosure, with approximately eight out
of ten of these borrowers keeping their homes.

-New single-family business acquired after 2008 continues to demonstrate strong credit quality and
now represents over 50 percent of the company’s single-family credit guarantee portfolio.

-Single-family serious delinquency rate was 3.58 percent at December 31, 2011, remaining
substantially below industry benchmarks.

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