MBS RECAP: Buoyed By AM Data, Beaten Back By Stress Test Results


A few days old now, but so good that it will continue to transcend the datestamp for the near-term foreseeable future.

Counterparties: The Never-Ending Story Of The Euro Zone Crisis

The pattern of Euro crisis flare-ups is getting very familiar:

Step 1: News of political turmoil in ailing European Country X raises questions about their dedication to austerity. This is often be accompanied by missing deficit targets, riots and/or burgeoning political change.

Step 2: The bond market freaks out, which raises borrowing costs for European Country X. Wonks, politicians and pundits quickly chime in.

Step 3: The can is thoroughly kicked down the road. Concessions are made for Country X, negotiations are held, quotes are given/intentions leaked.

Step 4: After some period of time, the crisis appears again.

Spain, like Greece, is is back in the Euro crisis spotlight today, as the country is gripped by massive protests over budget cutbacks and rising borrowing costs. Greece, of course, has been through this process before; Spain has now proceeded to step 2.

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