MBS RECAP: Slow, Steady Gains for Bond Markets


Very little has changed between now and the mid-day update (read that HERE if you like).  To recap, bonds started the day roughly in line with yesterday’s latest levels and made gradual improvements throughout the day.  That was more true for MBS than for Treasuries though.  10yr yields were locked in more of a sideways range in the morning hours and never really broke it until after the 3pm close.  MBS saw more consistent improvement, albeit at a gradual pace.

Data was disregarded, with the possible exception of some volatility after Chicago PMI.  There were no noticeable reactions to headlines.  In general, bonds just marched to their own beat, which is not uncommon on a month-end trading day.  It was a good week, though not phenomenal–about the least we could ask for after the previous 3 weeks.

2015-2-27 MBS

2015-2-27 tsy

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