MBS RECAP: Uneventful Afternoon and a Surprise Guest


Fannie 4.0s are right in line with the prices seen immediately following this morning’s weaker-than-expected ISM data (103-16). They’ve held between there and 103-13 ever since. If anything, they’re erring toward the highs as we work our way through after hours for bond markets (3pm-5pm).

That strength is more a factor of their relative outperformance of a more decidedly flat/neutral Treasury complex. 10’s aren’t nearly as close to their best post-10am levels. In other words, after nearly two weeks of MBS getting trounced by Treasuries, we have a bit of a correction over the past 5 and a half hours. Not much else to it, and certainly nothing significant, though the stability has afforded a few lenders the opportunity to reprice positively.

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