Mysterious ‘funnel’ spotted on Mars may hold key to alien life


By: Josh King, Buzz60

A strange funnel-like depression on Mars could hold the key to discovering life on the red planet, according to a University of Texas at Austin study.

An image taken on Mars shows the Hellas depression, which is believed to have been formed by a volcano that was at one point covered by a glacier.

New information suggests the site indicates signs of volcanic activity which is similar to Earth. This leads researches to believe the planet could form an environment warm enough to support liquid water.

On Earth, ice-covered volcanoes are called “ice cauldrons,” and on Mars, the heat and frozen water could from life.

Researchers also found a similar depression, but after a deeper analysis they concluded it was an impact crater.

Scientists say sites like the Hellas depression should be considered when searching for habitable places on Mars.

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