NE moderate Republicans behind Romney-Ryan ticket


It’s always a challenge in politics to bring together different opinions into what’s referred to as the tent of the party.

And when you’re a Northeast moderate, sometimes the tenor of the Republican Party can make that compromise a bit of a stretch.

Vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is firm in his commitments, which include some strong positions against abortion, and a plan to offer vouchers to Medicare recipients.

Barbara Ann Fenton worked on the party platform last week. She proposed an amendment supporting civil unions. It went nowhere.

However she said she doesn’t find it difficult to get behind the ticket.

“I love our ticket actually. Our ticket is much more socially moderate than the platform,” Fenton said Thursday.

She said the election is focused on something much more important — jobs. Cranston Mayor Allan Fung said he feels the same way.

“The overarching goal for all of us is to make sure we’re put the best team in place for November that’s going to help the economy,” he said.

For Fenton, she feels a changing of the guard will change the party’s positions on social issues.

“The younger ones especially on the national stage are much more socially moderate like myself. So the older generation, yes there is a bit more religious extremism, but for us younger ones, I think we’re starting to come up and make a big difference on the national stage,” she said.

Party platforms are usually more extreme than the candidates because it’s the old guard that draws up the platforms.

But social issues are the decision makers for many voters, and Mitt Romney and Ryan will not be confused with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

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