Police: RI Senator tried to stop Ruggerio's arrest


Barrington police say state Sen. Frank Ciccone tried to call law enforcement officials to intervene when Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio was stopped on suspicion of drunken driving.

According to a police report released Friday, Ciccone warned the officer that Ruggerio might retaliate against the police.

The report says Ciccone told a Barrington police officer that, “You think you got pension problems now, wait until this (expletive) is all done. This guy voted against you last time. It ain’t going to get any better now.”

Ciccone, a Democrat who represents North Providence and Providence, was driving behind Ruggerio when the senate majority leader was stopped early Wednesday morning.

According to the police report, as Ruggerio was being given a field sobriety test, Ciccone recommended, “we call Barrington police chief John LaCross to let him know about the situation that had developed.”

The police report said Ciccone was calling numbers from his cell phone trying to contact the major of the Rhode Island State Police and every other person he could think of to deal with “the problem”.

Ciccone was not criminally charged.

“While the Barrington Police were at all times courteous and professional, I do not agree with the accuracy of some of the details in the report,” Ciccone told NBC 10 Political Reporter Bill Rappleye.

The lawmaker also told Rappleye that if he said anything inappropriate that he regrets it.

Ruggerio was charged with drunken driving and refusal to submit to a chemical breath test.

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