Police: Tests reveal THC, cocaine in Watson’s urine


Laboratory tests revealed THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and cocaine in Rep. Robert Watson’s urine the night he was stopped at a police checkpoint in Connecticut in April, East Haven police said in a release Friday.

According to police, there was no percentage, ratio or amount of the drugs. Police said they are illegal to possess and if the drugs are in someone’s system, that person is under the influence of drugs.

Watson said he denies the allegation.

“I don’t do cocaine. First, they suggested I was drunk, that wasn’t true. I acknowledged I had marijuana. I absolutely deny this allegation,” Watson told NBC 10’s Bill Rappleye.

Watson, R-East Greenwich, lost his minority leader position less than two weeks after being charged with driving under the influence and possession of marijuana when he was stopped at an East Haven police DUI checkpoint on April 22.

In May, police determined that Watson was not legally drunk at the time of the traffic stop. Police said a urine test showed Watson’s blood alcohol level at the time was 0.07 percent, under Connecticut’s 0.08 legal limit for driving.

He was given a chemical breath test when he was stopped that measured Watson at 0.05 percent.

Watson has said he uses marijuana to treat recurring pain from pancreatitis, and inflammation of the pancreas which put him in a coma at one point last fall. He insisted that he didn’t smoke any on the day of his arrest.

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