Providence council passes gun ban resolution


The Providence City Council passed a resolution Thursday to ban semi automatic firearms in the city. 

Council Majority Leader Seth Yurdin said the resolution is looking at semi automatic weapon.  “Its things like revolvers, single shot rifles and shot guns are not affected by the ban; those are suitable for home defense or hunting.” 

“We’ve seen a number of these mass shootings and many involve semi automatic weapons.  They really don’t have a place in our homes or on our streets.  They are designed for battle field use.  So we are pushing for this,” he said. 

But there was opposition to the ban.  “I think that not all of the city council supported it, a majority of the city council did, but there are a lot of different opinions about this issue,” Yurdin said. 

Other cities and towns are looking into similar bans.  All of these proposals will be in front of the General Assembly, with the hope they will look at them in 2014.

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